Mission Statement

       This Association has been formed to spread the knowledge and surgical skills to otolaryngologists with special interest in Facial trauma, Aesthetics and reconstructive surgery.

• The Association would from time to time conduct courses, guest lectures, clinical meetings, workshops, hands on training, live workshops to equip Otorhinolaryngologists with skills required for Facial trauma, Aesthetics and reconstructive surgery of the face and hold review meetings to update and revise the skills of the said surgeons/ members registered in the Association.

• To encourage faculty members to present papers, participate in CMEs, workshops, Seminars, Symposia and visit reputed centers in India and abroad.

• To accomplish its goal, the Association would toil for the encouragement of research activities in the field of Facial trauma, Aesthetics and reconstructive surgery and also aims at releasing bulletins, position papers, expert reviews, guidelines, protocols from time to time to help the members in their active clinical practice and surgical knowledge.

• Our Association will also aim to share information through scientific congresses and will conduct collaborative projects with universities or other non-profit-associations and will also seek to publish its activities and the research results through a newsletter or journals.

• To co-operate with other associations related to Otolaryngology and allied sciences.

• The Association would in future increase the membership drive aggressively in order to enrol more members interested Facial trauma, Aesthetics and reconstructive surgery and to make this group a formidable association in India.
• To provide continuing Medical Education for Postgraduate students and Medical Practitioners of Otolaryngology. To establish and maintain reference libraries of books, journals, newsletters, audio-visuals materials, etc., relating to Facial trauma, Aesthetics and Reconstructive surgery.

• The Patron and founding members would help and guide the members with surgical guidance in individual cases as need be.